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Case Studies

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is about planning and managing change and in particular, the organizationís ability to solve problems and renew itself.

Anne Howard helps in assessing culture, increasing the capacity for change, as well as providing assistance in understanding and dealing with the speed and complexity of change. 

When it comes to the big leagues of change - two organizations merging - Anne Howard can help with the due diligence; planning for the HR processes in the newly formed company; development of those processes and integration of people from the two entities into the newly formed company. 

Human Resource Process Audits

HR Process Audits provide organizations with an understanding of how their HR management processes are affecting their ability to achieve their goals and objectives. 

Anne Howard provides an assessment that:

  • Determines where those processes are or are not contributing to and facilitating the achievement of organizational objectives.
  • Identifies how processes should be changed to achieve their purpose.
  • Designs or modifies and implements new processes where needed.


The purpose of compensation is to achieve the following goals in the most cost-effective manner:

  • Promote achievement of the organizationís goals.
  • Fit with and support the organizationís strategy and structure.
  • Attract and retain qualified individuals.
  • Promote desired task behaviour.
  • Be seen as equitable.
  • Comply with the law.
  • Be within the financial means of the organization.

Anne Howard designs, develops and implements compensation structures that achieve those objectives for each client. 

Recruiting, Selection & Orientation

Technology, an aging workforce, a decline in new workforce entrants, and an increasing need for adaptable learners with high level knowledge and skills have changed what it takes to be successful in recruiting, hiring and retaining people.

Anne Howard helps organizations understand their existing process, develop new or improved approaches and helps people implement them. Everything from developing better ways to attract and manage volumes of applications, to mapping your process so your speed matches that of the best applicants, to helping your interviewers conduct more effective interviews.

Performance Management

Success comes from the ability to remain competitive which requires a workforce that not only knows what to do and how to do it, but learns continuously and applies that learning. 

The potential for people to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities is substantially improved when the scope of the work, the expectations for results and feedback on those results is provided in a constructive timely manner. 

Creating a good process for carrying out those activities, developing tools that ensure the performance measures are tied to organizational objectives, and providing support in getting the right feedback to people in the right way are services Anne Howard provides.

Employee Development

Organizational success is dependent on employee success and, employee success is dependent on organizational success. Carefully planned development for Staff and Management creates that potential. 

Whether you need a look at your training and development needs and programs, coaching and support as a person transitions into a new position, or the development of the career progression or succession plans to ensure the focus and direction of training and development - Anne Howard can help. 

General Human Resource Management Advice

Providing Human Resource information, advice and support for managers and staff to help ensure they are dealing with everyday issues in the best way possible is a key service provided by Human Resource practitioners. Whatever the situation, Anne helps people find the best possible answer.