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Who needs a Human Resource Consultant?
  • Are you suffering from high staff turnover?
  • Can't figure out how to attract the right kind of people?
  • Maybe managing human resource problems is taking too much time?
  • Or perhaps your business' organizational processes are outdated... or worse, non-existent?

Your major asset is your people. If you want to enhance productivity and profitability, you need a Human Resource Consultant, someone to talk to about your processes for managing people.

Experienced help...

Anne Howard is one of the most experienced and respected HR consultants in Canada.

With Anne Howard's help, you gain organizational strength and individual growth by forming better processes. You will get help creating a plan, and then learn how to continue it on your own.

Anne's professional human resource management services contribute to higher levels of productivity and profitability within your business.

Look around. See what Anne has done. Learn more about human resource consulting.

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Information for the Human Resource Professional, including...

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One Recent Project Example...

The problem:

Existing recruiting processes and procedures were inhibiting the ability of an organization employing about 1500 people in several locations in Canada to hire the people they needed. 

The solution...

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One Example ::

Organizational Development

When it comes to the big leagues of change - two organizations merging - - Anne Howard can help with the due diligence; planning for the HR processes in the newly formed company; development of those processes and integration of people from the two entities into the newly formed company.

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